Senior Home Care Services For Hemiparesis Patients


Hemiparesis refers to weakness on one side of the body that can be caused by a stroke, certain injuries, viruses, or other neurological disorders. Hemiparesis is sometimes confused with hemiplegia, which refers to total paralysis on one side of the body. While many people with mild hemiparesis can live independently, others may require the following interventions that a senior home care services provider can offer. Nutritional Interventions Cooking and eating can be very challenging for people with hemiparesis.

13 December 2022

An Essential Guide To Selecting An Assisted Living Facility


When considering full-time care for adults who can no longer care for themselves, it is important to look at your loved one's personal needs and preferences. You should also look at the facility's setting, specialized care, and payment structure. Below are pointers that will help you choose the most suitable option. Personal Care Assistance Naturally, personal care needs vary from person to person. Some residents may need assistance with eating or dressing, while others require a higher level of care for activities like bathing and grooming.

19 September 2022

4 Useful Tips For Moving Your Aged Parents To A Senior Living Community


One of the most uncomfortable discussions to have with an aging parent is when you need to move them from their home. It is a delicate discussion that demands clarity and wisdom. However, after carefully evaluating all options, you could find that moving your aging parent to a senior living community is the best solution. So, how do you break this news to your loved one? The process doesn't have to be complicated.

16 June 2022

What Can Assisted Living Communities Help Seniors Accomplish?


Independence and individuality are high priorities for many people, and this often doesn't change as people age. Many seniors require help with the tasks of daily life, but they don't wish to give up their freedom. Assisted living communities offer a compromise for anyone in this position. The staff at an assisted living facility can provide many valuable services without infringing on a senior's lifestyle. Here are some things that assisted living communities can help seniors accomplish:

23 February 2022