4 Useful Tips For Moving Your Aged Parents To A Senior Living Community


One of the most uncomfortable discussions to have with an aging parent is when you need to move them from their home. It is a delicate discussion that demands clarity and wisdom. However, after carefully evaluating all options, you could find that moving your aging parent to a senior living community is the best solution. So, how do you break this news to your loved one? The process doesn't have to be complicated. The following are tips to prepare your loved one when moving to a senior living community.

1. Have an Open Discussion With Your Parent

It can be difficult to move your loved ones from a place they've called home almost all their life and shared special memories. Therefore, you should handle the matter delicately by introducing it as a suggestion. Your loved one may simply wholeheartedly agree to the idea to make the process easier. If not, consider telling them that the facility will provide all-around-the-clock assistance and a platform to make new friends. These benefits might warm your parents up to the idea of moving to a senior living facility.

2. Choose the Facility Together

Once your parent agrees to the idea, ask them to accompany you for a visit to different facilities. Let your parent feel what it's like to live in the facility. By familiarizing themselves with the staff, environment, and peers, your loved ones might start to feel even more comfortable with the idea. Then, ask them to help you choose the best community for them.

3. Make the New Space Familiar

Many senior living communities encourage their clients to bring some items to the facility to alleviate homesickness. Involve your loved one in your plans to transform the new place into their new home.

Pack your parents' favorite portraits, books, and family albums when moving their possessions to the new space. Carrying their blankets, pillows, and armchairs might also help transform the new space. The goal is to make their new accommodation feel homely.

4. Surround Your Parent With a Strong Support System

It is advisable to ask for help from friends, professionals, and other relatives when you feel overwhelmed. Talk to your siblings or family members close to your loved one for extra support. Senior living facilities have live-in caregivers to provide clients with 24/7 support. A great support system will make the transition easier for you and your loved one.

Relocating your loved ones to an assisted living facility can be a breeze if you do it properly. Have an honest conversation with your family and follow the tips discussed above when planning the move to a senior living community.


16 June 2022

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