2 Benefits Of Moving Into An Assisted Living Care Facility As A Healthy Senior Living Alone


If you are a senior who is still active and relatively healthy, you may still wonder if there are better options for your living arrangements, especially if you live alone. If so, consider the following benefits of moving into an assisted care facility even if you do not need direct medical care or assistance with your activities of daily living. 1.  Maintain Your Independence While Having Access to Assistance Especially when you live alone and enjoy an active life, you want to maintain your independence so that you can still get out and live your life to the fullest.

14 October 2019

Why Moving Your Loved One To An Assisted Living Facility Can Be A Great Option


If you have an aging loved one that you are worried about, and that you have considered placing in an assisted living facility, you might wonder if you would be making the right decision. This can be a hard thing for some people to come to terms with, usually because they are not familiar with all of the benefits that can come from moving their loved one into an assisted living community.

29 August 2019

Stressed By Providing Multi-Generational Care? When And How To Consider Assisted Living


A growing number of working age adults are finding themselves saddled with the additional responsibility of acting as a caregiver for one or both aging parents. Sometimes referred to as being a multi-generational caregiver, as many as 12 percent of families with children under the age of 18 fall into this category by providing care for an older adult family member, most usually a parent.  This type of caregiver situation is particularly stressful because it requires them to fit in the responsibilities around an already crowded schedule of paid work and caring for their own home and family.

12 June 2019

What A Retirement Community Can Do For You


Are you getting ready to retire and live a less stressful life? If so, and you are at an age where you need a bit more care than usual, you may want to consider living in a retirement community. If you think this type of living is akin to assisted living or a nursing home, you'll be surprised to learn that this type of lifestyle is actually very active and beneficial.

6 March 2019

3 Options For In-Home Care For Your Elderly Parent


Is your elderly parent struggling to live independently? Perhaps they have Alzheimer's or another cognitive issue. Maybe they've suffered from joint issues or surgeries that limit their mobility. There are a wide range of health issues that can create risk for seniors who live alone. They may be vulnerable to falls or other accidents. If they suffer from a cognitive disorder, they may be at risk of making unsafe decisions.

24 November 2018

Knee Replacement: How Can Your Senior Loved One Recover After Surgery?


If your loved one recently underwent knee replacement surgery, you may have a number of concerns about their recovery. One of the concerns that may plague you is time. Although the surgery itself may not take long to perform, the recovery period may take some time to complete. During the recovery period, your loved one may experience a few things that could make it difficult for them to eat, move about, or feel comfortable at home.

27 September 2018

A Memory Care Facility That Will Aid Your Father While He Deals With Alzheimer's


You want the best for your father, because after all, he cared for you throughout your life, but knowing that you do not have the resources necessary to aid your dad in his battle against Alzheimer's can be devastating. Reach out for help through an Alzheimer's care facility and gradually transition your loved one into their new environment. Learn About Memory Care A memory care facility provides comprehensive treatment for residents who are suffering from dementia.

21 August 2018

How An Assisted Elderly Living Environment Can Be The Best Option


If you have an aging loved one that you feel is no longer capable of living on his or her own anymore, you will want to start to look into the assisted elderly living options in your area. This can be a hard decision to make, especially if you are not familiar with how such homes work and what you can expect for your elderly loved one while they stay there.

24 July 2018

Are You Eligible For Medicaid?


Medicaid is a widely used federal healthcare program. While the program has been in existence for many years, there are some people who can take advantage of the benefit that might not even realize it's an option. Do you know if you are eligible for Medicaid? Learn about some of the qualification criteria that are considered during the eligibility process. Income Above anything else, a primary function of this federal health care program is to ensure that everyone has access to quality health care, including those people in the population that might not be able to afford healthcare on their own.

24 July 2018

3 Benefits Of Taking Your RBT Courses Online


If you are hoping to take an RBT course so that you can get your certification to work with mentally handicapped children, then you might be really excited about going back to school so that you can pursue this goal. One thing that you might still be trying to decide, however, is where you should take this course. Some people prefer to take these courses at local technical or community colleges, but you should know that it is also possible to take RBT courses online with organizations like New Way Day Services.

23 July 2018