2 Benefits Of Moving Into An Assisted Living Care Facility As A Healthy Senior Living Alone


If you are a senior who is still active and relatively healthy, you may still wonder if there are better options for your living arrangements, especially if you live alone. If so, consider the following benefits of moving into an assisted care facility even if you do not need direct medical care or assistance with your activities of daily living.

1.  Maintain Your Independence While Having Access to Assistance

Especially when you live alone and enjoy an active life, you want to maintain your independence so that you can still get out and live your life to the fullest. However, you may feel burdened by having to clean and take care of your home, feeling that it takes away from your time enjoying yourself.

If you move into an assisted living facility, however, you can determine how much you want to do yourself or how much you want the staff to do. If you love to cook but hate to do housework, you have the option to prepare meals but have a staff member clean your room. Or, if you do not have the time to cook your own meals because you have places to be, you can always enjoy your meals in the dining room surrounded by other residents.

2.  Prevent Isolation That Comes from Living Alone

Even if you get out regularly, you may still feel as though you are missing out on social activities when you live alone. Even if you try to go out regularly, you may feel unable to connect or form bonds with people you only see every so often. If you become too isolated, the feelings of loneliness could affect your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

However, many assisted living facilities have programs that allow you to mingle with other residents, get out of the facility on day trips, and even provide group transportation for outings. You can take classes in the common areas or go with other healthy, active seniors on outings that allow you to get to know one another and form friendships. 

Even if you do not need direct care at the moment because you are still healthy and active, you can still benefit from living in an assisted living care facility. You can also have the peace of mind that if your health does take a downward turn, you will readily receive the care and assistance that you need. Look for an assisted living care center and ask them for more information. 


14 October 2019

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