Myths About Using Assisted Living Communities


Assisted living communities can serve an invaluable role for individuals that are struggling to live on their own. Yet, despite the fact that these facilities are extremely common, there are some myths about the role that they will serve in the lives of residents. Myth: You Have To Be Extremely Sick To Be Able To Live In An Assisted Living Community A common assumption about assisted living residents is that they will have to be extremely sick or severely injured in order to be able to use these services.

11 December 2020

3 Ways In Home Physical Therapy Helps You Recover From Surgery, An Injury, Or Illness


Your doctor might prescribe physical therapy for a number of reasons. It's common to have therapy after you've had surgery, but you might also need it when you have a medical condition that leaves you weak or after you've had an injury. Here's how in-home physical therapy can be helpful. 1. You Work On Recovery Goals When you have physical therapy in your home, your therapist works on the same goals as you would if you went to a clinic for your sessions.

28 September 2020

Moving Into An Assisted Living Community


Individuals that are experiencing serious health problems may find that it is difficult for them to safely live on their own. This can be especially true for those that are impacted by mobility or mental ailments. For these individuals, utilizing an assisted living community can be the most effective option for ensuring that they are able to live a comfortable and safe life despite these impairments. Quality Of Life Services For Residents

6 January 2020