A Memory Care Facility That Will Aid Your Father While He Deals With Alzheimer's


You want the best for your father, because after all, he cared for you throughout your life, but knowing that you do not have the resources necessary to aid your dad in his battle against Alzheimer's can be devastating. Reach out for help through an Alzheimer's care facility and gradually transition your loved one into their new environment.

Learn About Memory Care

A memory care facility provides comprehensive treatment for residents who are suffering from dementia. Like a standard assisted living facility, residents are provided with diet and exercise programs, social activities, individual counseling, outings, informal meals, and medical assistance.

A memory care uses familiarity and calmness as approaches to making each resident's stay pleasant. Photographs, recreational activities, decorative items, and music may be utilized throughout a facility to provide individuals with a sense of well-being. Hallways in a facility like this are often color-coded and clear directions are posted so that residents can find their way around a facility.

A caseworker is assigned to each client, and this person will work with their client and the family members of the individual. Tips on how to deal with the onset of Alzheimer's and how to make sure that a loved one is safe and feels cared for may be introduced so that family members can maintain the bond that they have with the individual who is suffering mentally.

Share Information About Your Father

The caregivers at a memory care facility can make your father's transition pleasant by learning more about your loved one and the things that he likes and dislikes. Share some information about your dad's upbringing, his former career, any achievements that he made, and recreational activities that he enjoys. Be sure to also brief the staff about your dad's prognosis and fill them in on medications that your dad requires.

The detailed information will allow the staff members to communicate effectively with your father and make him feel as if he is welcome. The information may also help preserve some of your dad's memories during lucid moments where memory loss isn't as apparent as other times.

Pack Essentials And Avoid Discussing The Move

Don't leave the packing responsibility up to your father because it could cause him to feel confused and unhappy. Also, avoid telling your loved one about the move into the care facility until right before it is time to make the transition. There is no use placing additional stress on your father and he may have trouble comprehending why you are talking about the move or think that you are against him and do not care.

Only bring essentials to the facility and some items that your dad cherishes, including family photographs, awards, favorite clothing items, and toiletries. On the day of the move, tell your dad that you would like to take him somewhere to meet some nice people. Go in the facility with your father and introduce him to everyone. Let your loved one slowly adjust to the unfamiliar surroundings and new faces. 

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21 August 2018

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