Are You Eligible For Medicaid?


Medicaid is a widely used federal healthcare program. While the program has been in existence for many years, there are some people who can take advantage of the benefit that might not even realize it's an option. Do you know if you are eligible for Medicaid? Learn about some of the qualification criteria that are considered during the eligibility process.


Above anything else, a primary function of this federal health care program is to ensure that everyone has access to quality health care, including those people in the population that might not be able to afford healthcare on their own. 

For this reason, income is one of the first eligibility criteria that you must satisfy. Generally, an applicant must meet the low-income criteria for their specific state. Since the level is different for each state, you will need to research the requirement in your area. 

Household Size

In some respects, what is considered low-income is relative to the expenses that the person is expected to cover. For example, a $25,000 a year salary might be enough for a single person to sustain. However, for a husband and wife with 3 children, there would likely be a struggle. 

Medicaid does not base eligibility on your income alone, but they compare it to the size of your household. People who make less than what is necessary to support their household size often qualify.  Keep in mind that any children which you have adopted or any person for which you are financially responsible will be included in your household size calculation.


An additional eligibility factor is the applicant's disability diagnosis. In individual states, a diagnosis of certain medical conditions, such as blindness, makes an individual automatically eligible for Medicaid coverage. States that offer this type of coverage generally don't require people in this category to meet the same income and household size requirements as other applicants. 

It's important to note that the list of disabilities that qualify for automatic eligibility is not consistent for each state, so further research is helpful for more accurate information. A Medicaid specialist can help with this endeavor.

With Medicaid, there are plenty of grey areas. Just because it might seem like you don't qualify based on the above factors, that doesn't mean that there is not another eligibility factor that you are eligible for. For the best result, you should partner with a Medicaid specialist who can help you determine your eligibility and assist you through the application process. 


24 July 2018

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