Do You Need Living Assistance?


Old age can bring with it a heightened self-awareness and a compulsion to make necessary changes without waiting too long. However, admitting that you're no longer capable of many activities is disappointing, and frankly, scary at times. When should you realize living assistance could help?

1-You're Forgetting Meds

Memory fades, especially in senior years. You may have suspected memory loss and took action, getting a pill organizer or setting alarms for your medications.

However, when you start to see skipped pills left in the organizer, or you don't remember why your alarm's going off, help is needed. If you have a serious condition that requires those pills, you're putting your health at risk.

2-You Can't Perform Your Morning or Night Routine

If you're aging and have weary joints or other physical ailments, brushing teeth and bathing is hard. When you find that you're skipping a shower because you're afraid you'll fall or not getting dressed because you can't lift your arms, you may need a professional to help and care for you.

3-Your Chronic Disease is Getting Much Worse

You may have been ably handling your diabetes or asthma for many years, but things may be changing. You may struggle to keep daily blood sugars down now or find it harder to fend off or recover from asthma attacks. Worsening chronic diseases will need more care; living assistance is important at this stage.

4-Your Family Has Mentioned Help

Your reliance on adult children is natural. They may feel happy to help with laundry and other tasks. However, if they've started to mention more frequent help, your first reaction may have been anger or to brush them off.

Your children have known you through their entire lives. They can sometimes see changes more easily than you're able. When they begin suggesting living assistance, take them seriously.

5-You Don't Remember How You Got Places

Finding yourself in front of a hot stove with no recollection of turning it on or realizing you're in the yard without memory of opening the door is frightening. Once episodes like this begin, for your safety, it could be preferable to have a trained professional watching over you most of the time.

Whether you simply need nursing care throughout the week or should start visiting round-the-clock facilities, admitting your need is a smart first step. You, medical professionals, and your family can agree on a treatment plan. For more information, contact a living assistance facility such as Mayfair Village Retirement Community to discuss your situation and options.


17 July 2018

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