4 Hidden Dangers Associated With Bed Sores


When someone is laying in a single position for too long, they can develop sores on their body. These are commonly known as "bed sores," and though they may not always seem to be urgent, they can be very dangerous. If left unchecked, bed sores can lead to serious illness and even death. Here are some of the major things you should be concerned about when dealing with this type of injury.

1. Bed Sores Can Be Deeper Than They Look

A bed sore may begin as a sore on the surface of the skin, but over time they begin to penetrate more deeply. In fact, bed sores can penetrate all the way down to the bone, without appearing that deep. If a patient has lost feeling in the area or is non-communicative, a caregiver may never know that the bed sore has gotten to this point. It will require medical examination and professional wound care.

2. Bed Sores Can Become Infected

Even surface-level bed sores can become infected. Bed sores occur in areas in which the body is experiencing constant pressure. This often includes areas such as the back and the spine. If these areas also aren't kept clean and dressed properly, an infection can quickly move through the skin and down through the bloodstream and skeletal system. An infection that runs rampant can be deadly.

3. Bed Sores Can Limit Mobility

Bed sores can be extremely painful and can cause serious damage to a patient's body, therefore limiting their mobility even further. If a patient is recovering from a different injury and currently on bed rest, they may find that their recovery takes much longer due to the bed sores. If a patient is elderly or already has significant mobility issues, they may find it even more difficult to complete daily tasks. All of this can eventually lead to physical and psychological issues. 

4. Bed Sores Can Be Distressing

Not only are bed sores physically damaging, but they can also be emotionally distressing. Bed sores tend to weep and, if infected, can be foul-smelling, both of which can make a patient conscientious about their appearance and their health. This can enact a negative psychological toll that will ultimately hinder their recovery.

Wound care services are available at every nursing home and assisted living center, in order to ensure that patients don't experience any of the above issues. Even a well-trained, conscientious clinic can't always eliminate bed sores entirely, but they can ensure that the situation does not get dangerous.


16 July 2018

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