Recovering From A Broken Hip? How Short-Term Rehabilitation Can Help Your Recovery


If you're recovering from a broken hip, and you wanted to return home, you might be disappointed at the prospect of heading to a short-term rehabilitation facility instead. You may be thinking that you'd be more comfortable at home, or that you'd recover more quickly in the comfort of your own home. While that might be true in some instances, it's not true for all instances.

Your situation might be one of those situations where you'll be better off spending a few weeks in a short-term rehabilitation facility, especially if your doctor has recommended the rehab center. The one thing that you need to understand is that the entire staff at the rehab facility will be determined to help you recover as quickly, and as completely, as possible. Here are four reasons why you should recover at a short-term rehabilitation facility before heading home after a broken hip.

The facility is Designed to Accommodate Your Mobility Needs

When you're recovering from a broken hip, your surroundings will need to be adjusted to meet your current mobility levels. During those first few weeks after surgery, you may not be able to move as well as you once did. Simple things such as using the toilet, or getting in and out of bed, may be extremely difficult for you, especially if you're still trying to use standard-sized toilets and your own bed.

That's where the short-term rehabilitation facility will come into the picture. The rehabilitation facility will be equipped to provide for your changing mobility concerns. Your room will even be equipped with safety features designed to help you avoid accidental injuries.

Your Care will be Geared Towards Your Specific Needs

Once you go home, you'll be responsible for your own care, including your dietary needs and personal hygiene needs. Unfortunately, you may not be ready to handle that for yourself for quite some time. While you're in the short-term rehabilitation facility, your care will be geared towards your specific needs, including dietary and personal hygiene needs. As you progress through rehabilitation, your care providers will help you learn ways to care for your own needs.

You'll Receive all the Care You'll Need for Your Recovery

While you're recovering from a broken hip, you may need a variety of treatment options, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and even social workers. One of the benefits of short-term rehabilitation is that you'll receive all the care you need for a complete recovery. When you finally go home, you'll be prepared to care for yourself.

Your Family will be Involved

Your family will be concerned about your recovery following your broken hip. They may be wondering how they can help you through the recovery process, as well as how to help once you're home. While you're in the rehabilitation facility, your family will be learning how to help you during the recovery process and beyond.

For more information, contact your local short-term rehabilitation center. 


15 July 2018

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