Why You Might Want To Place Your Loved One In A Nursing Home With Skilled Nurses


If the time has come to put a loved one into a nursing home, you are likely going over all of your options to make sure you find the best care possible. That said, you should know that there is a key difference between some nursing homes that you might not be aware of. While all nursing homes can provide assistance with daily living, only some nursing homes employ skilled nurses. Here's what you need to know about skilled nurses and the difference they can make for your loved one.

What Makes a "Skilled" Nurse?

Care provided by a skilled nurse is more than just help with basic living tasks. Skilled nurses are those who are officially trained and registered. Many skilled nurses may specialize in a specific area, like physical therapy. If your loved one has a specific medical condition that is ongoing, he or she might require a higher level of medical attention than what they would get from a standard nursing home. That's where nursing homes with skilled nurses come into play.

Greater Peace of Mind for Both Your Loved One and the Family

When you seek out and place your loved one in a nursing home with a dedicated staff of skilled nurses, everyone will be able to rest easier. Your loved one will likely feel better about the situation knowing that they are going to receive top-notch care and you, and the rest of the family won't feel the need to keep tabs on the nursing home as closely if you know everyone there is registered and certified. In short, everyone will have greater peace of mind with the situation.

Great Option for Short-Term Care as Well

While most patients who move into a nursing home do so near the end of life, a skilled nursing home might be a decent option for someone recovering from a short-term condition. If your loved one needs 24/7 care while trying to rehabilitate from a serious injury, a skilled nursing home might have more resources than your loved one would be able to get at their house.

When looking for a nursing home, you should know that not all nurses are created equal. If you want to get your loved one the best possible care, a skilled nursing home with registered nurses is the way to go for both short and long-term care. For more information, reach out to a few skilled nursing homes near you today.


4 July 2018

Choosing The Best Nursing Homes

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